In Toronto 2016 at the ICMCI meeting the idea of the “ISO tool box” was developed. This “ISO tool box” should contain “tools” for helping IMCs implement the ISO 20700 standard on management consulting services locally.

  • Is this meant to give ideas of Workshops on for example the whole process of contracting till execution? 
  • Or, for example, how a MCSP could evaluate the consulting process?
  • Or should the toolbox inform IMCs about the intention of spreading the ISO20700 into every MCSP worldwide by promoting the standard?
  • Making the IMCs recommending the MCSPs to refer to ISO20700 on their webpages, add this reference into their contracts?
  • Inform the IMCs that a MCSP may self assess the accordance to ISO20700 or that the local IMCs can develop an assessing procedure?

The “ISO tool box” shall contain answers and tools to answer all of those questions.

Right now the “ISO tool box” has a PowerPoint presentation to describe what is the ISO Standard on management consulting services to inform their CMCs.

In the future we want to prepare a code of conduct, the IMCs can adopt. We also wish to have a checklist of a self-assessment procedure.

As the ISO standard offers in its annex some examples, the ISO tool box may provide an example of a project plan that can be adopted.

Altogether the “ISO tool box” is a box that might grow during the process of spreading the content.

Get the local IMCs involved!!!

You will find on the CMC Global website Toolbox Page all the information about the tool box and you are invited to upload your success stories and ask questions and so on. Share your ISO 20700 implementing ideas with the other IMCs.

Team Leader: Claudia M Strohmaier
Team Members: Claudio Barella and Alexander Reincke Wendt