Intelligent Automation in CX Industry
By PhD (c) Vigan Disha l IMC Kosovo (BCC)

As technology becomes more sophisticated, intelligent automation of processes has become a hot topic in the customer service industry.  Put it differently, IA is a combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence which jointly empower digital transformation. When implemented correctly, automation impacts the operational efficiency and enables the human factor to undertake strategic roles, in deriving customer loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of the client base. Nonetheless, the balance lays on knowing when to utilize human interaction from live agents and when to deploy the AI powered assistants. Henceforth, the closed loop of automation bridges the human gaps with AI enhanced systems.

Reflecting into the practical market experience, SPEEEX LLC as a global Business Process Outsourcing provider has been taken as an IA model. The significance of SPEEEX’s “Thoughtful automation” lays on the strategic balancing of core services and KPI’s with automation in increasing customer experience and operational efficiency. The initial focus is mapping in automation the time consuming and repetitive tasks and allowing customer service specialist to be available for complex interactions.

Some of the commonly used IA channels are:

  1. Chatbots: Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and conversational UI tool via chat or voice assistants during customer interactions.
  2. Robotic process automation: Replacing tier 0-1 and other simple interactions that are task-oriented. 
  3. Machine learning: Improving systems by means of processes in interaction data to identify patterns in resolutions, and customer feedback from each interaction.

The above noted automation tools provide some of the frameworks in improving both customer experience and employee experience. In turn, these tools also ensure a 24/7 operational service delivery while also preserving the core KPI’s namely FCR (First Contact Resolution). The proactive aspect of using IA models in CX industry is leveraging of organizational knowledge in augmenting service offerings in innovative means.  In other words, the notion of intelligent automation syntheses human creativity and empathy with the computer’s capability of memory and calculations in delivering substantial customer service outcomes.