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Institute Name: CMC-Ukraine, UNGO 

Date of Foundation: 17.12.2010 

Date of ICMCI Membership: 2011

Type of Membership: Full Member

Vision: The Ukrainian association of management consultants (CMC-Ukraine) - is a professional network that operates in compliance with global standards and an ethical code. The Institute helps consultants achieve common goals and guarantees improved efficiency to their Clients

Mission: Developing the management consulting market and raising the level of management culture and business standards in Ukraine

Main Goals:

  • Protection of interests and promotion of consultants in the society;
  • Development of knowledge and competence, professional certification of management consultants;
  • Development of a successful consulting practice;
  • Development of a professional community.


Tel: +38050 438 50 83 


Visiting Address: Shovkunenko str., 6 Kyiv, 03049, Ukraine 

Head Staff Person: Olga Trofymova, President

Secretariat or Key Staff Name: Elvira Faizullina, Vice-President

Chair: Olga Trofymova, CMC® 

Delegate: Olga Trofymova, CMC®