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Institute Name: Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong 
Date of Foundation: 22 October 2000 
Date of ICMCI Membership: 2000
Type of Membership: Full Member
Vision: The vision of the IMCHK is to bring forth a new level of recognition by our clients for the profession so that members of our Institute are preferred over others and demanded by clients at all times.
Mission: IMCHK wants to:
  •  Be the voice of the Management Consultants' profession locally with the community and internationally with other IMC member organizations
  • Convert an 'avocation' into a 'profession' by:
  • Develop/update a body of knowledge
  • Develop/update a competency model for certification of individuals/firms, to have a common denominator worldwide for management consultants
  • Orchestrate ongoing development of management consultants and interaction/exchange of ideas and skills locally and globally
  • Specify a code of conduct with a worldwide common denominator
Main Goals:
  • Running training courses based on the Management Consulting Training Toolkit (MCTT)
  • Increasing the number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses by ourselves and through teaming up with other professional bodies
  • Encouraging internal consultants to join IMCHK and providing for their professional needs as well as for external consultants
  • Developing the consulting market further through promoting more opportunities in Hong Kong and China
  • Creating and transferring know-how among professionals
Tel: +852 2865 2108 
Visiting Address: Suite B, 20/F, Henfa Commercial Building, 348-350 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 
Head Staff Person: Pauline Chan, Director
Secretariat or Key Staff Name: Ms. Wong, Secretariat
Chair: Daniel Chan 
Delegate: Pauline Chan


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