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Institute Name: The Society of Management and Development Consultants - SMDC

Date of Foundation: 19 August 2013

Date of ICMCI Membership: 2018

Type of Membership: Provisional Member

Vision:  SMDC Mission: A Lebanese Consultant in every consulting mission worldwide.


  • SMDC is to be the collective voice of Lebanese consultants, advocating for the profession.
  • SMDC is aiming at the dissemination of the values and consulting best practices, in public and private organizations.
  • SMDC will play a leading role in the development of its national strategies and policies.
  • SMDC is determined to improve the enabling environment for the Lebanese Consultants.
  • SMDC will provide a wide range of consulting services through strategic partnerships among its members and key stake holders.

Strategic Goals:

  • Endeavor to connect with and regroup individuals, companies and organizations that are in the field of consultancies in management and development in an effort to coordinate their activities and to develop and establish high professional and ethical standards in order to preserve the profession’s credibility and to raise providing advice and consultation to a level acknowledged internationally.
  • Endeavor to set up the standards for professional and ethical conduct that will be adopted by the members of the Association in the aim of bringing out and maintaining a first-class image of the profession.
  • Endeavor to affiliate the Association with other foreign Associations having similar objectives and represent those foreign Associations in Lebanon. 
  • Endeavor to put up strategies (i) for the training of consultants to get the “CMC" (Certified Management Consultant) certification and to maintain it and (ii) for the making of this certification one of the conditions to work in the consultancy field as well as one of the conditions to appoint the consultants to carry out advisory and consulting activities.
  • Endeavor to make available opportunities for the members of the Association enabling them to improve their skills, increase their professional competencies and behave with high professional and ethical standards as draw up by the Association. 
  • Endeavor to manage, organize and develop the consultancy profession in Lebanon.
  • Represent the profession towards the government and in international forums.
  • Endeavor to raise the public awareness on the role and importance of the consultancy profession in the expansion of the economic cycle in Lebanon.
  • Endeavor to cooperate and coordinate with various organizations involved in causes of mutual interest.
  • Endeavor to organize training and educational seminars on various aspects of management and development.
  • Endeavor on building alliances and agreements, on twinning up, on cooperating with and on participating in other Associations and International Organizations and Institutions that are local, regional or international and that share similar objectives of the Association.


Tel:   ++961 70 300 733


Visiting Address: Chamber of Commerce of Beirut building [CCIABML] 1 justinien street. Sanayeh . PO Box:11 1801 Beirut Lebanon

Head Staff Person: Mohanad El-Asaad

Secretariat or Key Staff Name: Marcelle Abou Samra

Chair: Roy Badaro

Delegate: Maurice Mouawad