ICMCI Strengthens Its Governance Framework and Capacity in Risk Management

ICMCI Strengthens Its Governance Framework and Capacity in Risk Management

The global body representing the management consulting profession, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), has taken another significant step forward in strengthening its governance framework. On 18 January 2024, the ICMCI Board approved for the adoption of a new Enterprise Risk Management System.

“As ICMCI’s activities are growing, we need a risk management system that is appropriate to our organisation and our global scale of reach and this is now being addressed,” ICMCI Board Chair Robert Bodenstein CMC® commented in relation to the new initiative and the drive for it.

The new Risk Management System will help the ICMCI Board to consider and manage the likelihood and impact of the many risks that may arise from various sources in the course of pursuing the organisation’s ambitious goals. It will be implemented to the benefit of the global consulting community helping to ensure appropriate handling of any relevant matters, thorough analysis and adequate response.

The ICMCI Risk Management System was developed by a task force led by Nick Warn CMC®, UK, and including Alan Blackman CMC®, Australia, Gergana Mantarkova CMC®, Bulgaria, Ruggero Huesler CMC®, Switzerland, and Reema Nasser, Jordan Ex Officio.

“We will introduce the system over the coming year in three stages starting with a scope limited to the Board activities, then broadening out to our committees and task forces before finally offering the system as a model for our member institutes to follow,” Nick Warn CMC® described the mechanism of introducing the ICMCI Risk Management System. 

To ensure implementation of the new system, the ICMCI created the position of ICMCI Risk Officer. This person will be responsible for running the system and reporting to the Board. Gergana Mantarkova CMC® was appointed ICMCI Risk Officer and assumes the position with immediate effect.

“In today’s world, risk management is the underlying foundation helping us to ensure organisational success, consistency and relevance. I’d like to thank the ICMCI Board for their trust and I’m looking forward to stepping up our efforts and helping ICMCI deliver its strategic objectives,” Gergana Mantarkova CMC® shared on the occasion of her appointment as ICMCI Risk Officer.

Alongside the system, the ICMCI Risk Management activities are off to a solid start. An introductory training to the ICMCI Board has already been delivered followed by a lively brainstorming session on Main Risk Self-Assessment and Risk Appetite.



About ICMCI 
ICMCI is an international membership organisation and a network of the management advisory and consultancy associations and institutes worldwide. The goal of ICMCI is to promote a closer working relationship between all management consulting institutes or organisations primarily dedicated to the registration or certification of individual management consultants. The purpose of this closer working relationship is to accelerate the achievement of mutual goals of the national institutes, particularly to assist them in raising the standards of the profession of management consulting and to create worldwide recognition and acceptance of the CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) mark.