ICMCI Future Leaders continue to empower young professionals as first ever ICMCI formal community

In March 2024, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) approved the creation of its first ever formal community ICMCI Future Leaders. It brings together young professionals aiming to reach out and empower them to participate effectively in shaping the future of the consulting profession.

ICMCI Future Leaders began taking shape in November 2021 when, as part of the ICMCI Future of Management Consultancy Initiative, younger consultants were distinguished as an important stakeholder and ICMCI convened the inaugural meeting of the Future Leaders Forum. Over the period of one year, the Forum participants had unique opportunities to take an active role in the Future of Management Consultancy initiative and build a high profile in the market.

On the backdrop of the resounding positive response from Future Leaders Forum participants and in line with ICMCI policies and guidelines, as many as twenty-two member institutes (see the list below) formed a Founding Group and proposed to the ICMCI Board to establish the ICMCI Future Leaders as an integral part of the ICMCI governance. Gergana Mantarkova, CMC and ICMCI Board Director, has been appointed Board Liaison for the new structure. “I’m looking forward to continuing the inspiring journey with young consulting professionals all over the world and to doing our best elevate the profession to a new level of distinction,” she commented on the appointment.

The ICMCI Future Leaders community will support aspiring professionals to foster their full leadership potential and build a strong network of industry leaders and it will also provide a platform for international collaboration to increase the positive impact on the management consulting profession.

The ICMCI Board wishes the ICMC Future Leaders community every success in its endeavors.

ICMCI Future Leaders Founding Group Member Institutes



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South Korea

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