In the final panel of the conference, moderator Nick Warn will lead panelists Dr. Ilse Ennsfellner, Lydia Goh, Celal Ceçkin and Dwight Mihalicz, in a discussion considering several of the topics discussed during the course of the event.

Amongst the important facets being examined are the legal framework in which AI is expected to function ethically, and the multi-cultural dilemma, where our panelists will shed a light on the effect of and reaction to the disruption caused by AI in their respective regions.

Participants will also be invited to mail in questions, where moderator Nick will pose them to the relevant panel members on topics from ethics & sustainability, to the future potential for AI in consulting, and the balance of human & artificial intelligence.

The insights and discussions from the panel session and other presentations will serve as the foundation for an upcoming white paper, which will be published following the conclusion of the conference.