The issue theme of February offers me an excellent opportunity to reflect recent work of CMC-Global (ICMCIC) in improving its processes, increasing its performance and achieving its goals. Innovation has a big stake in today’s ideas on getting better performance while re-inventing (yourself or your organization) is the slogan. ICMCI is not outside the trends: a new secretariat, dedicated only to us, is in place while the new website is offering a friendly face as well as a lot of well-structured information for all of us, IMCs, delegates or consultants.

Have you accessed it? 

The most important change however, is at the level of resources attracted to various committees, task forces or workgroups, bringing fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm. A large number of people, from all around the world, are volunteering their time and efforts to transform into reality all the plans designed to move our organization and our brand into the new era, being part of the general effort in improving our performance.

The Terms of Reference driving the activities of the committees, approved in the last two years, are continuously refined based on lessons learned during execution while the full process of applying our new governance is following the expected road and implementation of our projects is boosting. All this proves that CMC Global is a living organization, able to adapt its performance to its goals, working for the benefit of its members, the IMCs, and especially for the final user of our work, the Consultants.

Be prepared for our next events!

Sorin Cain, CMC
Board Chair, ICMCI