With our new bylaws, this year’s annual meeting will have a slightly different structure than previously. According to the Bylaws “The affairs of ICMCI shall be controlled by its Assembly of Delegates”. This takes place at the Annual Meeting which will be held in Toronto on the 18-19 of August 2016. Following actions take place at the meeting according to the Bylaws:

  1. Annual achievement against the previous plan
  2. Revised plan for next year “tabled for review and approval by the Delegates in their Annual Meeting”
  3. The Terms of Reference of the Board must be approved by the Delegates
  4. The schedule of fees and dues shall be established or modified by the Delegates
  5. Delegates shall elect each year as vacancies occur the remaining officers and directors to the Board
  6. Amendment of the Bylaws

 As the board is now fully functional and full reporting will take place, all voting and elections will take place at the Annual Meeting. All decisions at the Annual Meeting are final. According to the new Bylaws no postal voting will take place. It is also important to notice that a proxy can be given only to another Delegate who is participating in the meeting. The Board Members do not have a status as a Delegate.

The Board will prepare in advance the decisions to be taken and those will be disseminated to all Delegates at the latest 21 days before the voting take place. The list of candidates for the election to the Board will be disseminated to all Delegates at the latest 30 days before the election takes place.   

The Board have named a liaison Board Member to all IMC’s to have a continuous dialogue with the IMC in order to introduce the upcoming proposals and gathering feedback from the Members. This dialogue is important when preparing the decision documents to be sent to the Delegates. It is also important that the IMCs be in contact with the liaison Board Member in case of questions concerning the final voting documents.
The Governance is already fully documented on the new website, we have the new by-laws which affected the governance and it is summarized there as well. Current update is at the following link: http://www.cmc-global.org/content/governance-overview-committees

Both events (conference and the annual meeting) will be held in Toronto in October, 2016. The announcement is up on the website along with the early bird fees at the following link: http://www.cmc-global.org/content/annual-meeting-delegates-and-cmc-international-conference