Date and time: 22 February @ 14:00 UTC
Duration: 90 minutes

Technology, social development and the rampant unpredictability of the past two years are exposing the flaws and obsolescence of the traditional models of work organization and leadership. Ever more organizations and people are looking for new ways.

Agile transformation, humanocracy, future of work, adaptable organization, responsiveness… The new ways of working go by many names and “human-centric” aims to synthesize them all focusing on the essential element of people.

•    What makes up the DNA of the human-centric organization?
•    Which are the three levels of its application?
•    How can we build the capabilities, mindsets, and cultures needed to thrive in the digital economy?

If you want to find out, join Dr. Marc Sniukas for a special webinar on 22 February 2022 organised by ICMCI as part of the Future of Management Consultancy initiative.

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About Marc Sniukas 

Dr. Marc Sniukas is a professor of management and innovation at the Luxembourg School of Business. He also conducts executive education programs for Duke Corporate Education and Emeritus.

A passionate executive coach, advisor, speaker, and author, Marc Sniukas has been working with leaders and executive teams, helping them to deliver new growth, innovation, and transformation towards new ways of working since 2002. As the author of several books on strategy, business model innovation, and building new growth businesses, he is a sought-after speaker and advisor on the topics of growth strategy and strategic innovation in established organizations.

Marc Sniukas is the founder of Brave New Leaders, a think tank on new, human-centered ways of organizing, working, and leading.


About the Future of Management Consultancy

Combining a series of events, discussions and publications, the ICMCI Future of Management Consultancy initiative strives to promote the global conversation about the future of the profession towards developing a common vision to help and inspire consultants all over the world.

Designed as an “open source” and inclusive platform, the Future of Management Consultancy is an opportunity to seek answers to pressing questions and to encourage interactive communication and joint idea generation.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - 14:00