Future of Management Consultancy: ICMCI Makes Headway with Initiative

In 2021, ICMCI launched its bold and forward-looking initiative The Future of Management Consultancy spanning across topics and geographies to bring together consultants to shape the future of the profession and to promote new ways of thinking. 

As all our efforts rely on the commitment and active participation of our members and stakeholders around the world, here is a snapshot of the streams we are working on:

Trends and Insights
Identify latest trends and share insights that transform the economy and society

Advanced Technologies
Offer real-world examples of how advanced technologies open doors for developing novel consulting services and/or ways of delivery

Future of Work
Deepen understanding about the rapid acceleration of new ways of working and how we, as consultants could adapt

Business Model Innovation
Discover business model patterns for inspiration and blueprints for redesigning own practices

Skills of Tomorrow
Stimulate continuous development and acquisition of essential skills of tomorrow

Ethics and Standards
Put a spotlight on emerging ethical challenges and adhering to the highest possible standards

ICMCI presents a strong global knowledge network that has the potential to shape a more sustainable and resilient future.

We would therefore like to call on everyone interested to get involved and share key lessons, ideas, research and initiatives of relevance to the Future of Management Consultancy. 

To be always in the know, make sure you follow the ICMCI social media channels to get the latest news and invitations to participate in events and projects. It will all be under #ShapingTheFuture

Gergana Mantarkova
ICMCI Director and Future of Management Consultancy Initiative Lead