The Finnish Management Consultants Association LJK have introduced a series of seminars to be held as a celebration of the International Consultants Day. The overall topic of the seminars is “How to enhance the Finnish competitiveness globally and create the new success story of Finland”

The topic in 2014 was “New trends in Financing” and in 2015 “Future leadership challenges at knowledge intensive business”.

In 2016 the seminar focused on “Transformation of the Business model”. The key speakers at this event were Professor Timo Silén as Chair of the LJK and Emeritus Professor Kari Lilja from Helsinki School of Economics. The seminars have been a big success with participants from official and business sectors as well as consultants and academia. The program has had an important role in the communication with the management consulting stakeholders and increasing the amount of members.

Emeritus Professor Kari Lilja (left) and Professor Timo Silén

Participants at the 2016 International Consultants Day Seminar in Helsinki