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Dear Colleagues,

These are unusual times that we are going through, and this calls for unusual actions from us. We are sad to say that this year the Annual CMC Conference will be postponed till next year, we will for sure have a virtual Annual Meeting of Delegates, details of which will be announced, but we find it hard to hold an annual CMC Conference.

In 2021 IMC Armenia will welcome us to their capital and show us the true Armenian hospitality, and assure us a learning experience that we will remember. In 2022 IMC Lebanon will offer us the same, and I assure you, our large international family will continue to prosper and contribute to our profession and professionals.

Having said that, we tried to make up for the conference by holding virtual seminars to assure that development, sharing, and networking continues to take place in our community, we may not be able to see each other face-to-face, but we for sure can enhance our communication virtually to assure we stand as one big family that continues to progress and deliver regardless of the circumstances.

Further to the seminars that were conducted, we first of all want to thank all those who attended, contributed, and interacted during the sessions. We hope we were able to shed some light on a few good practices, and we want to use those seminars to support you as our Members, but also enable you to support your members.

Many one hour seminars will take place during the coming weeks, and as a practice, we will always upload the seminars to our YouTube channel for those who were not able to attend, and for those who want to listen in again. Our YouTube channel can be viewed at:

Keep well, stay healthy, and join us for the upcoming seminars during May 2020. A list of which is as follows:

Seminar  Date & Time Target Audience Registration Link
 PANEL: Consulting in Chaos (Asia/Europe)  May 07 @ 7:00 UTC IMCs, CMCs, MCs
 PANEL: Consulting in Chaos (Americas/Europe)  May 07 @ 14:00 UTC IMCs, CMCs, MCs
 Social Media Marketing  May 14 @ 7:00 UTC IMCs, CMCs, MCs
 Managing Teams in Turbulent Times  May 21 @ 14:00 UTC IMCs, CMCs, MCs
 Coaching after Disasters  (Asia/Europe)  May 28 @ 7:00 UTC IMCs, CMCs, MCs
 Coaching after Disasters (Americas/Europe)  May 28 @ 14:00 UTC IMCs, CMCs, MCs 

We will keep you updated with the June seminars, and till then we will announce each of the above sessions a week in advance to include panelists/speakers and moderators.

Reema Nasser
Executive Director