Euro-Hub 2018
Kiev, Ukraine; May 31 – June 1, 2018

This Year’s Euro-Hub Innovations
Each country has its own strengths — some countries are easy to do business in, some have a high index of happiness, and some offer the best education. We asked ourselves: “What is Ukraine’s strength?” The answer was found at one of the international conferences, while we were studying the strengths of different countries. It turned out that Ukraine’s strength lies in... it’s ability to manage chaos!

That was wonderful to discover!
We agreed, and decided to tell our colleagues how to cope with this underlying phenomenon of our life. We also thought that managing chaos from the conference room of a 5-star hotel would be somewhat... weird. So we would like to invite you to a conference... at the airport!

We are going to learn to manage the chaos from the hangar…
       … conduct many interesting activities and make acquaintances on the runway, 
      … work with different cases in the waiting room, 
      … and most definitely combine theory with practice: 
we will fly an airplane in the sky by ourselves, to realize that chaos is 
quite a structured and manageable thing — you just need to know how to 
manage it.

These are the things that speakers from all over the world — successful management consultants, managers of transformation companies, and mayors of growing innovative cities — will share with you.

3 Streams of Exploration
We decided to try offering the participants a clear and well-defined concept of the new world (VUCA), showing a possible transformation plan, and introducing specific methods and tools for managing ourselves, our organization, and our city in a new reality.
Therefore, our work will be conducted in three streams of sessions:

  • Self-management
  • Organization management
  • City management

Each stream will follow the logic of a complete consulting project: we will start with trends, move on to diagnostics, touch upon the vision, figure out the strategy, work with the business model, explore the features of interaction with people, look behind the curtain of business processes, and have a peek at the features of corporate culture through the prism of our new chaotic reality.

In cooperation, we will define the systemic characteristics of the new reality and formulate the management tenets, methods and tools necessary for the implementation of organizational innovations in business and society.

We will offer a different perspective on the development of leaders, organizations and cities, which will help us move to the next level of development and find our place in the new world with even more success. The best practical experts from different countries will share with you the tools and approaches to managing yourself as a leader, your organization, and your city, and you will collect your own toolbox to take away with you.

So, the most courageous people amongst you, who understand that the limits exist only in our consciousness, are welcome to join us at the Kiev airport – the end of May!

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