Dwight Mihalicz, CMC® is a seasoned executive, management consultant, and the founder and President of Effective Managers,

a leading management consulting firm based in Canada with a global reach. Dwight's humanistic approach, coupled with his deep understanding of organizational dynamics,

makes him a trusted advisor to leaders seeking sustainable performance.

Dwight holds an MBA from the prestigious Telfer School of Management, where he also served as a Director of the Dean's Advisory Committee.

He is an Honorary Member of Beta Gamma Sigma, a Certified Management Consultant, and a Fellow of both the

Canadian Association of Management Consultants and the Business Excellence Institute. 

As an accomplished author, Dwight has penned two influential books that delve into essential topics for executives and

management consultants alike. “The Effective CEO: The Balancing Act that Drives Sustainable Performance” explores the key functions

that contribute to CEO success, while “Consulting through Uncertainty: A Global Perspective” examines the evolving landscape of professional services.