Constantinus International Award – Japan Wins, Austria a Frontrunner


This year the international CONSTANTINUS Award ceremony was hosted in Astana, Kazakhstan, where, for the seventh time, exemplary projects from all over the world were honored. 

Astana/Kazakhstan – The CONSTANTINUS International Award was awarded to the world’s best IT and consulting projects during the Congress of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) held in Astana, Kazakhstan. For the seventh time, consultants from all over the world and once again from Austria were invited to present projects with exceptional customer benefits. 

The international award honors excellence in consulting

Although this award is still quite new, CONSTANTINUS International has already advanced to become a highly regarded award for exceptional consulting projects. “The CONSTANTINUS International Award stands for the economic strength and significance of the sector as well as value added by our profession” concludes Sorin Caian, President of ICMCI. Chair of the Board of CMC Kazakhstan, the host country, Gulsum Akhtamberdiyeva notes: “The fact that we awarded the CONSTANTINUS International this year in Kazakhstan confirms the international importance of this award. Two years ago, we awarded the prize in the Netherlands, last year in Canada, and this year in Kazakhstan. And so, we have been able to span the globe with our venues in recent years which reflects the fact that the projects submitted also come from all over the world.” 

“The primary goal in establishing this award lies in the marketing and presentation of the consulting sector in general as well as in exceptional individual consulting projects at the national and international levels,” explains Alfred Harl, Chair of CONSTANTINUS International. “The CONSTANTINUS International Award gives nominees a platform for international cooperation in the sector. This award also strengthens consultant-client relations by celebrating joint successes and increasing the international visibility of their projects.” 

Gold medal for Japan – Silver goes to Austria, Great Britain, and Iran

This year, a total of 17 projects from seven different countries were submitted. From these, an international panel determined the nominated projects and subsequently the country champions as well as the medal winners. 

The gold medal this year went to the Japanese champion Mr. Yutaka Fukuyama for the project “Kaizen” on the administration of the Tottori Prefecture for continual measures to improve job performance, review flows of work, and streamline major job procedures. 
The first of the three silver medals went to the Austrian champion Dr. Christoph Nussbaumer Strategy Consultants GmbH for the project “Strategy Development and Implementation Hotel Bergblick 2022”. The challenge was to develop a strategy that captured the enthusiasm of the hotelier family and the guests while at the same time being financeable. 

The second silver medal went to the British champion Challenges Worldwide for their work in the area of SME acceleration, particularly with Booomer International Limited. The company produces high quality, affordable bamboo products from loudspeakers to bicycles that generate both economic and social advantages for customers around the world. 

The third silver medal was awarded to the Iranian champion Tanin-e-Kherad Co., Dr. Mahmoud Ajamiy for the strategic planning of the Tabriz Oil Refining Company. 

All Winners:
Participant: Mr. Yutaka Fukuyama (JPN)
Client: Administration of the Tottori Prefecture 
Project: CONTINUAL MEASURES of IMPROVED Job Performance, REVIEWED Work Flows, and Major Job Procedures STREAMLINED

Participant: Dr. Christoph Nussbaumer Strategy Consultants GmbH (AUT)
Client: Hotel Bergblick
Project: Strategy Development and Implementation Hotel Bergblick 2022

Participant: Challenges Worldwide (GBR)
Client: Booomers International Ltd.
Project: SME Acceleration

Participant: Tanin-e-Kherad Co., Dr. Mahmoud Ajami (IRN)
Client: Tabriz Oil Refining Company
Project: Strategic Planning of Tabriz Oil Refining Company


Picture: Gold Medal Winner
Copyright: Constantinus


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