Constantinus Award Announcement of Programmes for Action

Constantinus Award - Announcement of Programmes for Action

Dear Member IMCs,

It is with pleasure that we announce the different programmes/ initiatives by the International Constantinus Award Committee. Those initiatives are as follows:

  1. Ambassadors Programme.
  2. Honorary President.
  3. National Constantinus Awards.

The intent behind those programmes is to assist the ICMCI Members in promoting the award nationally, support them with knowledge, enhance visibility, and increase the representatin of the International Award among all ICMCI Members.

This is a call for action for some of the programmes, and it is as follows:

  1. Ambassadors Programme: each Member IMC is kindly requested to name an ambassador that will be working directly with the International Constantinus Award Chair and the ICMCI ED on meeting the requirements of the role. Induction will take place to empower the named ambassador and facilitate the work that needs to be done at a national level. Details of this programme are as per the ToR. Deadline to receive your named ambassador is September 15, 2020.
  2. Honorary President: this is a programme for your info with no action needed at this stage, however, action will be requested of each Member IMC who applies for hosting any of our events in the future, ToR offers the details and expected role.
  3. National Constantinus Award: the International Constantinus Office is willing to provide support to each Member IMC who established, or has the intent to establish, a national award and seeks alignment with the International award. The Cretieria of the International Award projects is provided to you for reference.

This has two simple steps:

  1. by the interested Member IMC: to act on the interest via sending a formal request for assessment letter to include the national award documentation (process, evaluation criteria, timeline…etc.) 
  2. by the International Constantinus office: to assess received requests against the International Constantinus Award and provide feedback of compliance or areas of enhancement for compliance to the applying Member IMC.

In order to assure your award’s initial compliance, you can follow the criteria used by the International Jurors that is provided in the Evaluation Criteria document linked above.
This service will be provided by ICMCI to Member IMCs at the cost of Euro 250 to allow us to cover administrative costs.

For any questions on any of the above, please contact Reema Nasser at

Awaiting your named Ambassador’s name and contact details in order to assure meeting the deadline and to enable us to start scheduling our induction sessions with each.

Best Regards,

Alfred Harl CMC®
Chairman of The Constantinus International Award