The old saying goes, “It is all about the numbers.” The transition from 2019 to 2021 differs in no way. 2021 continues as a growth year for the management consultancy industry.  

This edition commemorates the celebration of the International Consultants Day (ICD) with the theme: “Management Consultancy Excellence, from Profession to Professionalism”, where ICMCI is embracing the opportunities and working towards a transformational growth since the management consultancy industry continues to grow globally.

On the 10th of June, we celebrate our ICD, and an invitation to join our event was prepared by our Chair  . ICMCI during the evet will launch the National Consulting Index 2020 COVID-19 Edition (NCI), highlighting the findings that provide a better understanding of the consultancy market.

Also, at the ICD, ICMCI will present its updated Competency Framework, the update was done with the purpose of elevating the standard of the profession and the professionalism of management consultants.

At ICMCI, we are now reaching a far larger audience than we ever had since its 8-year evolution from a dependent entity on volunteering, into an entity that has staff and is dedicated to run based on principles of the management consultancy profession. 

Optimism about change and the impatience for it, remarks our attempts to increase the focus on the future of consulting, and looking after the changing needs of management consultants.

In our efforts for change, on June 14th we hold the Euro Hub meeting with the theme “Ready for the Future?”.

Many clients of the management consultancy services are expanding globally, and thus the ICMCI community serves as an international-oriented entity growing with the purpose of advancing our profession.  

By enhancing the standards, growing our reach on social networks, and holding virtual events we made sure we are properly engaging with our current community and reaching out to new professionals to join our network and align with our vision. 


Jehona Lluka – CMC®
Editor of the CMC- Today e-News
ICMCI Board Director