CMC® on Global level with 500 locations

Hana Qerimi CMC®  
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"Digital School" has signed a cooperation contract with one of the biggest language teaching schools in the world "Berlitz" which will result in a global presence starting with 500 new locations in the United States of America, Germany, Mexico and Hong Kong. 

Digital School is a private institution founded in Kosovo with the mission to teach kids and teens technological and programming skills. It started in 2016 by two young kosovan experts Hana Qerimi and Darsej Rizaj as a private small investment with initially only 80 students.

In only three years, Digital School became a success story not only regionally but also internationally by expanding their business through franchise model. Their uniqueness in the market stands in the fact that their curricula and teaching methodology is results driven and as a result they are creating young tech experts which will very soon become the new labour force for the tech sector where the demand is constantly growing.