The Chair Update September 2019


Update September 2019

This will be my last update before our Annual Meeting in Nassau. It has been my pleasure to be in contact with you every two months since my election, with these updates on our work. As usual, I have also created a version of this in video which you can see HERE.

Annual Meeting Preparation

By now you will have received an email from the Secretariat with a link to all the Annual Meeting documents. Please do review these documents in advance of the meeting. They contain a wealth of information. Please also join me in thanking Reema and Khuzaima for their very hard work preparing the materials, and for the Directors and Chairs of Committees that submitted material.

If you are not able to attend, please do submit a proxy to another delegate that will be in attendance, with instructions on how to vote. This is very important to ensure that your opinions are considered even if you cannot be there in person.

The first day of the meeting is full of information sharing and discussion. You will hear about progress from your Board since the last annual meeting. We have built on the success of last year’s round tables to ensure there is lots of time for sharing of ideas and discussing how we can best collaborate as we move forward.

We will start with a substantive discussion of our strategy, and the strategic initiatives we have in place for the three strategic goals. This will be followed by round table discussions and the sharing of success stories. It will be a very enlightening day.

The second day is our business meeting, where we will elect new Board members. There are four vacancies, and only one of them being sought by a current Board member, so we will have some changes at the board level. New blood is always good, and I welcome this opportunity for us to expand our thinking. Of course, we are sad to lose some current members who have come to the end of their terms, but we will celebrate with them at the first opportunity, and thank them for their hard work on our behalf. This will be followed by our formal reports and resolutions.

CMC Annual Conference

There is still time to register for the CMC Global Conference through the conference’s website: 

Let’s help the Bahamas make this year’s conference a great success!

Please feel free to be in touch with me at any time. My email is . By leveraging our global network, consultants can work together to contribute to a better future for the industry globally, and better results for clients and society.

Collaboration is key… please keep in touch.

My offer still stands: I would be very happy to virtually attend a suitable event hosted by you in order to address our strategy or any specific programs of interest to your Institute. Please keep this in mind as you plan your events.