The Chair Update March 2019


Update March 2019

Dear ICMCI colleagues,

In February it was my honor and pleasure to chair the first face to face meeting of the Board of Directors during my term. We had a two-day meeting in Amman, Jordan, well hosted by our Executive Director, Reema Nasser, and our Executive Support Khuzaima Zaghlawan. In addition to our regular business, we focused on discussions about the strategy of ICMCI in order to focus our precious resources on the largest payoff for the advancement of professional management consulting.

I have also produced a short, 7 minute video update. It covers this message in a bit more detail. It is available at  the end of this page for viewing.

We reaffirmed our strategic vision:

ICMCI will be a leader in the development of
management consulting as a profession that drives social and economic success.

In addition, we simplified our Mission Statement – the business we are in – to:

Building the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally.

We have prepared the first version of the strategy, together with our three strategic goals and our strategic priorities, the second version to be announced next week will include a section on KPIs, expected outcomes by end of term, and accountabilities for each strategic priority. 

The Strategic Goals remain generally the same as in our last two strategic plans. We are consistently working on:

  1. Building the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally, to ensure that management consultants serve their clients with world-class competency and professionalism;
  2. Supporting, enhancing and growing the international network of management consulting institutes, as well as encouraging information sharing, networking and reciprocity between institutes;
  3. Enabling IMCs to enhance the visibility, recognition, and desirability of Certification as international benchmarks.

Each Strategic Goal has a series of strategic priorities. For each Goal, we detail how these activities will benefit Member Institutes, Management Consultants, and Society. The plan in its second version will include a section on KPIs, which will also include a list of the expected outcomes by the end of the term in October 2021. Finally, each strategic priority will be assigned the person that is accountable for leading the work required, and the other individuals or teams that will support that work.

As your Board, we are accountable through the Delegates to IMCs to deliver against this strategy. The strategic plan in its first version that highlights the strategic positioning has now been uploaded to our web site by our Secretariat. You can access it HERE. Please make the time to review it and provide feedback to me, my email is The public minutes of the Board meeting are also available on the web, and your Board Liaison will be sending you the link.

In addition, I would be very happy to virtually attend a suitable event hosted by you in order to address our strategy, and to receive your feedback. Please keep this in mind as you plan your events. In any case, do get back to me with your thoughts.

By leveraging our global network, consultants can work together to contribute to a better future for the industry globally, and better results for clients and society.

Collaboration is key… please keep in touch.