The Chair Update July 2019


Update July 2019

Since my last update, please check out the public minutes of our May and July Board meetings. These are always available on our web site: Click on “Who We Are” and select “Board Reports” from the drop down. Here you will find the list of our annual reports for the last 10 years, and below that the public minutes of the bimonthly Board meetings. Here is the link to the Board reports page.

As previously, i have created a short video of this update, which is available at the end of this page for viewing.

Hubs a Success

This year we have had three successful Hub meetings in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Each of these provided a great opportunity for sharing best practices, and, in my opinion more importantly, a forum for identifying common issues and how we can collaborate on finding solutions. These deliberations have been exceptionally helpful so we can focus our energy and resources on areas that matter the most to you.

Strategy Update
Our strategy reflects the importance of outreach as it is one of our three strategic pillars, together with advancing the profession and improving our global network. Let us all keep out vision front and centre:

ICMCI will be a leader in the development of 
management consulting as a profession that drives social and economic success.

Thank you for all your great feedback on the strategy, its three goals, and the strategic priorities. We have consolidated your feedback, and we are now working on the overall measures and KPIs. The final draft will be submitted to you in advance of the Annual Meeting so we can approve our three-year Strategy in Nassau.

This month I am very excited that we have officially launched the CMC-Global Directory. It has its own web site where you can learn about the Directory, apply to be registered for a fee of €100 per year or €10 per month, and find peers with which to collaborate and build projects. As the directory grows, it will also become a place where client organizations can come to find CMCs in various specialties. We can also showcase ourselves and our firms with a blog section that showcases the three latest posts. I am proud to be one of the first members – please join me there!

CMC Firm Initiative
Please check out, our official web site for CMC Firms. This program is also now officially launched, and we are excited to have this opportunity for firms with a critical mass of CMCs to have this forum for networking and collaborating. Firms have certain criteria to meet, and then are assessed to ensure that they meet the criteria. Find out more about the process and see the list of current CMC Firms here.

We now have 22 Institutes with 35 accredited trainers for the ISO 20700 Checklist program. In total, more than 120 consultants gave been trained by ICMCI trainers. This is a great start for this program. At our last Board meeting a working group was put together to review our experiences and to explore how to make this program even better. 

In addition to all this activity, we have signed a contract with EBRD to train consultants in the use of our checklist.  This has resulted in another 34 trained consultants. Just this month, we have an agreement in principle, with an association of specialty consultants, for them to have access to our checklist training program. Both EBRD and any other program partners pay a fee for each consultant trained which helps us with variable revenue, but more importantly spreads the word about the role of ICMCI and our Institutes as the voice of the profession.

We have a dedicate website for the ISO 20700 program where you can get great information, and keep up to date on the latest happenings:

CMC Annual Conference
The Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants has announced that early bird registration to the 7th CMC International Conference and Annual Meeting of Delegates, scheduled for October 15-18 is now open through the conference’s website: 

Please spread the word to your members so that they can register for and attend this annual event. It is the must-attend event for CMCs that want to learn from the best, with the added bonus of networking with peers from around the world.

Revenue Share
Our programs and services above all have a revenue share with the IMC. They are developed based on your input, and with a view to strengthen the profession, create services for your members, and help on the revenue side for both the IMC and your Secretariat. Beginning in October we will be hosting web-based education sessions for each of our programs and services so you can learn more about how you can use them in your IMC, and so we can learn how to make them better.

My offer still stands: I would be very happy to virtually attend a suitable event hosted by you in order to address our strategy or any specific programs of interest to your Institute. Please keep this in mind as you plan your events.

Please feel free to be in touch with me at any time. My email is By leveraging our global network, consultants can work together to contribute to a better future for the industry globally, and better results for clients and society.

Collaboration is key… please keep in touch.