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Institute Name: Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations 

Date of Foundation: 27 October 1997 

Date of ICMCI Membership: 2001

Type of ICMCI Membership: Full Member

Vision: As an official representative of professional management consulting in Bulgaria, BAMCO has the ambition to be one of the main partner of Bulgarian and international businesses, government and non-governmental organisations in the accelerated economic and social development and integration of the country and the region within the European Union.

Mission: BAMCO’s mission is to maintain high professional and ethical standards in the area of management consulting, to assist in the development of the consulting services market and to help its members in identifying and realising business opportunities.

Main Goals:

  • Unite professional consulting companies and individual consultants who contribute to the profession’s reputation and strengthening.
  • Maintain high professional and ethical standards in the area of management consulting, develop the professional qualification and competences of management consultants.
  • Represent and protect the professional interests of BAMCO members.
  • Identify, exchange and realize business opportunities through creating conditions for BAMCO members to get to know one another and be partners.
  • Identify and realize business opportunities through partnerships with Bulgarian and international businesses, government, municipal and non-governmental organisations.


Tel: +359886 72 38 06 


Visiting Address: Sofia 1000, 6 Slaveykov square , fl. 2, office 16 

Head Staff Person: Gergana Mantarkova, Executive Director

Secretariat or Key Staff Name: Gergana Mantarkova, Executive Director

Chair: Gergana Mantarkova 

Delegate: Gergana Mantarkova

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