The board of CMC-Global had its face to face meeting earlier in February to discuss the strategy, align our processes, and assure we are working towards accomplishing our goals – keeping the vision as our focus.
Discussion focused on:

  • enhancing and expanding our outreach, 
  • maintaining contact with our Members through the collaborative approach, 
  • reaching the management consultants worldwide through our Global Institute, 
  • offering services that our Members can extend to their members and where they can see the value, and
  • increasing our involvement and interaction with the different UN entities to include associations like us who are recognized as UN NGO Consultative status entities.

Next actions will include online payment service, the CMC-Global Directory that will enable CMCs worldwide to connect and interact together, enable beneficiaries of our profession to find us and know our worth, and of course maintain our relationship with different stakeholders to continue our work in enhancing the knowledge about our profession and its professionals.
The ISO 20700 was launched last year, and the Professional Standards Committee are working on providing us all with a toolbox that will enable our use of the standard to create better awareness by involving clients and educating them on the level of service they should expect.
We were all exited to hear that we now have four CMC-Firms with more applications coming to us with increased interest in gaining the status and interacting at an international level with our Council.
The meeting was productive, enabling all our committee liaisons from the board to go back to their committees with directions and feedback, enabling the board liaisons to our Members to interact more and support them better in their day to day activities in reaching our goals.
We will see many of you during the year at our different events:

  • the AP Hub meeting coming up in April, 
  • the Euro Hub meeting end of May early June, and 
  • the big event in Milan to cover our CMC International Conference and Annual Meeting. 

At these events, and during our ongoing collaborative calls you will be updated of what we have done, you will be consulted for future directions, and all together will be able to work side by side in increasing the recognition of our profession and its professionals.