The Conference Committee of the 2017 International CMC Conference is hard at work pulling together all the elements to create the best CMC Conference yet!

While all the details are still being finalized; here’s a “sneak peek” at some of the evolving conference concepts…

Bridging Minds: Knowledge/Experience/Technology:
transfer, adaptation & application

Target Audience:

  • Senior consultants, CMC’s, top managers of international and regional consulting companies
  • CMC-Firm leaders and senior consultants
  • CMC’s from major Global Consulting Firms
  • Consultants from countries where institutes are not established yet
  • Kazakhstan government, conference sponsors, EBRD and other donor organizations, Kazakhstan major company executives

The Current Situation:

  • Leading consulting companies are expanding regionally and globally to bring their international expertise into the local business environment.
  • Fast developing regions, industries and companies need leading expert knowledge, but have limited access to the global consulting community
  • Local consultants implement their consulting projects based on the personal knowledge and experience without a clear picture of leading/best practices & consulting service standards.

These challenges make the consulting market fragmented, inconsistent and difficult to assess. It is difficult for clients to navigate and make an efficient choice. Consulting services develop  chaotically, consultants compete with each other instead of cooperating and improving the market, and providing a high quality services.

The Conference Goals:

  1. Bridging Minds: Global discussion of management consulting development and effective integration of Knowledge/Experience/Technologies 
  • Session leaders and also session participants will share their expertise, case examples and proven techniques of how to transfer leading-edge knowledge, wisdom and technology into practical application and adaptation to different regions & organizations of the world.
  • Participants will gain insight into the process of adapting & transferring principles & insights into new settings, cultures and different levels of readiness.
  1.  Consulting and further research in Green Technology cooperation.
     EXPO 2017 (being held in parallel in Astana), will provide a great opportunity for our conference attendees to discuss common trends in business consulting related to: efficient  and sustainable resources, “green” technologies, alternate sources of energy, and more.   We are planning to have a joint session with EXPO 2017 partners.

Issues to be explored in Conference Sessions:

  • International and cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Cooperation of local/regional consulting companies with international consultants.
  • “Bridging of Knowledge” both in-situ and virtually through distributed technologies: advantages and limitations of the two approaches.
  • Consultants’ continuous education: Joint-session of CMC Global Academic Fellows with KFMD - Kazakhstan Foundation for Management Development Academy/Business School
  • Unique competency needs in regional businesses, industrial and cross-industries expertise: presentation of regional research conducted in Kazakhstan (Central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia, etc)
  • Regional government and NGOs panel: highest human and/or technological capital needs. Their expectations from consultants

Additional Activities:
Speed Dating Session– “Active Bridging & Introduction Market”


  • Kazakhstan & Regional Business community representatives interested in exchange of knowledge, experience and technologies. 
  • Consultants with technology implementation and other areas of consulting – Business Processes & efficiencies; Human resources/training; Organizational Design and Strategy development & implementation experience.

EXPO 2017 Visit and On-site Session: 
Using Knowledge Café approach – discuss the key areas of knowledge & technology exchange for promotion of Energy of the Future locally, regionally, globally. Participants invited to discussion: CMC Conference attendees, regional business and government leaders from the energy industry & energy supply-chain, representatives of EXPO pavilions.

Benefits for CMC Global International Conference Participants:

  1. News on current trends in consulting from the best experienced and professional  speakers.
  2. Master Classes from leading management consulting professionals + Case studies.
  3. The unique opportunity to meet representatives of the global management consulting.
  4. An opportunity to interact and network with colleagues from over 50+ countries: CMC’s, Managing Partners, and senior consultants of small to mid-sized consulting firms with international or large regional interests and consulting service
  5. Collaboration and interaction with Managing Partners of the CMC Firms.
  6. Possibilities to introduce into business schools’ curricula new subjects as management consulting and opportunities for collaboration with leading business schools through CMC-Global Academic Fellows project.

ICMCI 30th Anniversary Celebration!
Constantinus International Awards for Excellence in Management Consulting

Gala dinners celebrating the best in management consulting and the advancement of our profession. 

Benefits for CMC Global Conference Sponsors:

  1. The opportunity to develop partnerships with the consulting industry leaders from 50+ countries.
  2. The opportunity to promote their brands and increase its visibility on the local, regional and international markets
  3. Advertising and promoting companies during the conference preparation and during the various conference activities, participating in press conferences, in the social networks and other media.