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Institute Name: Association of Management Consultants of Serbia (UPKS
Date of Foundation: 2009 
Date of ICMCI Membership: 2012
Type of Membership: Provisional Member
Vision: Serbia is a growing knowledge economy that supports, develops and values its’ innovation ecosystem, entrepreneurs and consultants as knowledge brokers and facilitators of technological processes and a bridge to other markets, sectors and ideas.
Mission: UPKS is a professional association of management consultants in Serbia that seeks to enhance management consulting profession, to promote best practice within the industry, and to raise the profile and professional label of management consulting in Serbia through certification, standards development, trainings, exchanges,development of professional resources, networking with other organizations and relevant public policy advocacy in target sectors in economy and society.
Main Goals:
  • Contribute to greater public understanding and acceptance of management consulting profession and standards
  • Broaden UPKS membership base among managememnt consulting companies and individual management consultiants embracing UPKS values
  • Strengthen CMC community in Serbia and its’ links with fellow CC communities in the region and the world
  • Diversify funding sources of UPKS operation thus contributing to greater financial stability of UPKS
Tel: +38160 32 33 218 
Head Staff Person: Sanja Nikolin, President of UPKS Board 
Secretariat or Key Staff Name: N/A
Chair: Sanja Nikolin 
Delegate: Andrija Gencel


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    November 27, 2018

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