Artificial Intelligence Assists Management Consulting Services to Enable Digital Transformation of Chinese Enterprises

In this talk, Mr. Bin will focus on sharing the application experience of AI technology in business development by digital consulting institutions, the latest exploration and practice under the current AGI wave, and some reflections. 

The session consists of three parts: the main applications and exploration practices of AI in the management consulting industry, the needs and challenges posed by AI in the management consulting industry, and the future development prospects of China's management consulting industry.

The core viewpoint is that the new wave of artificial intelligence technology centered around AIGC/big models is changing the world at an astonishing speed. It not only affects our daily lives, but also profoundly changes various industries. We should actively embrace this technological change and explore new business models and service methods. Meanwhile, although AI technology is powerful, it cannot replace human intelligence and creativity. Only through the organic combination of AI technology and human intelligence can we provide customers with more efficient and accurate services.