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Institute Name: Associazione Professionale Italiana dei Consulenti di Management, APCO 

Date of Foundation: 1968 

Date of ICMCI Membership: 1987

Type of Membership: Full Member

Vision: The vision of APCO is to be the leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that guides the economic and social success of Italy and of the countries in which it operates.


The vision of APCO is to build the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and those who practice it, to ensure that management consultants serve their customers with expertise, ethics and top class professionalism..

Main Goals:

APCO is a professional association of individuals who brings together and qualifies those in Italy who are continuously and professionally engaged in organizational and management consulting, both individually and as associates, partners or employees of consulting firms.
Membership connotes capable consultants, proud of their professional identity and attentive to building a lasting relationship with their customers.
APCO issues to its members a quality certificate in accordance with Law 4/2013 on Non-Ordinary Professions as it is included in a specific list of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The main goals of APCO are the following:
-    to affirm the role and value of the management consultant for the economic development of Italy
-    to aggregate and represent the professional community of management consultants
-    to promote professional growth and the continuous updating of its associates
-    to define qualitative and behavioral standards for the profession
-    to build relationships
ofparticipation,exchange and collaboration with national and international organizations in the sector and more generally with relevant stakeholders


Tel: +39 027750449 


Visiting Address: Corso Venezia 49 , 20121 Milano (MI) 

Head Staff Person: Francesco Catanese

Secretariat or Key Staff Name:  Erika Baldon

Chair: Francesco Catanese 


  • Claudio Barella, CMC