ANNUAL CMC Image Campaign – DRAFT Plan

The #1 request that IMC’s give to us at CMC-Global is to raise the profile and understanding of the CMC designation around the world! In addition to the efforts in other areas; our MAC is now working on the development of a 2017 Worldwide CMC Identity-raising Campaign.

Develop 10 Case Examples + campaign theme/ “punch-line” to be used across all components of the campaign. Each Case Example will feature: 

  • Client company and brief explanation of the challenge/consulting project, a “mini case-study”
  • Clear organizational Impact & Results bullet points
  • Consultant “profile” – who they are, experience, areas of specialty, photo & “personality”
  • CMC – Then a description of what the CMC designation means to client. This “punch line” will be the same for all case examples.

 These 10 Case Examples will allow each country to choose the 4 that best appeal to them, to use in their implementation of the campaign.
We may also provide a “template” for each country to build one or two of their own case examples; but key part of this campaign is to show both regional and international examples – showing that the CMC designation is an internationally recognized mark of distinction.

Delivery Vehicles:
These Case Examples will then be developed into various formats “Masters” for implementation, including:

  • Billboard
  • Poster
  • Newspaper/Magazine Ads
  • Letter to national/regional/local government
  • Possibly a 30sec video
  • Email signature
  • Website banner ad

We will have to develop a graphic “design/look” that will cross all elements as well.
These will be “packaged” into a Kit, that will also include directions for use & instructions to assist the country-IMC’s to implement.

Developing the Case Examples:
We need to choose/find 10 CMC’s who are recognized by peers & clients alike as “excellent” and leading examples of our profession; and then have each of these identify a client project, with clear and fantastic impact elements. Our Case Examples will need to have a diversity of consultant & client characteristics. 

People/projects that come to mind so far, and Case Examples theme areas are outlined below:  

  1. Lyn McDonell (Toronto, Canada) – NFP/Hospital where she developed a comprehensive organizational Performance Scorecard for performance measurement, and alignment of Board, CEO, all division & employees; overhauled their reporting processes, and helped create a dynamic, focused and achievement-oriented organization. We will need to interview Lyn about the project and her impact, have her get permission of her client and obtain their company logo/photo; get a picture of their “scorecard”; get a photo of Lyn and short description.
  2. Lydia Goh (Singapore) – The creation and advancement of the whole practice of executive coaching in Singapore. We will need to interview Lydia about an example project and her impact, have her get permission of her client and obtain their company logo/photo; get a picture of their “scorecard”; get a photo of Lydia and short description.
  3. Doug Macnamara (possibly) – Corporate Governance & Strategy advancement at Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Canada or maybe the creation of the International TV-Media Executive Leadership Programs and the advancement of the executive talent/strategy in this industry through Canada, USA, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
  4. Consultant to be identified – IT system, architecture and/or software overhaul for a major enterprise
  5. Consultant to be identified – HR system, recruitment, performance management, organizational restructuring, training initiative etc.
  6. Consultant to be identified – Quality, Business Process Re-engineering, or productivity improvement initiative
  7. Consultant to be identified – Financial, Management, and/or Leadership overhaul
  8. Consultant to be identified – Corporate Social Responsibility/Public and/or Media Relations
  9. Consultant to be identified – Environmental processes, new standards and practices implementation
  10. Consultant to be identified – Strategic Thinking, planning & implementation.
  11. Consultant to be identified – Marketing & Market Research, Branding, etc.

What is the CMC Certification Message/Punch-line?
At the end of all these Case Examples we have to have a clear “So what?” Why seek out & hire a CMC for your company?” message.
A concise “value statement” if you will. 
What is it that the CMC designation means for a client!
Some existing ideas include:

  • “A higher level of management consulting”
  • Trusted – Current – Code of Conduct
  • Educated – Experienced – Ethical 
  • “Trustworthy advisors providing real impact”
  • “Experienced professionals delivering reliable impact”

(We’re leaning more to the type of the last 2 examples)
Next Steps & YOUR Feedback Please:
We are looking for some quick feedback from IMC leaders and CMC’s active with ICMCI and/or their IMC.
Please let us know your interests, priority requests, and ideas – but please return them to us by May 10 to 

Also, please give consideration to what you think the “Punch-line” might be. Don’t worry about perfect English! We can “polish” that later. 

At the moment we need to develop the “guts” of each Case: Consultant/Client/Project/Impact.
If you know someone who might fit into one of the 13 categories above, please give us their name, and some details about their success with a client, per the first 3 examples.
Frankly, I don’t think we need to look too far – chances are these are some of our friends/colleagues active in the leadership of ICMCI and IMC’s – maybe they are even Board/Committee members of ICMCI. The key thing is to help ensure:

  • Visible diversity in our CMC profiles (gender/racial/age diversity)
  • Example client projects/impact across the theme areas identified.
  • Different countries/regions of the world are represented

Thank you all – let’s get moving on this for advancement by next week!