Here's the latest from our Academic Fellows community.

  1. New - Management Consulting  Journal

The UK management consulting institute (Institute of Consulting) is delighted to launch the Management Consulting Journal.  The Journal has strong involvement from our Academic Fellows community and aims to promote insights into the practice of consulting.  Articles (4,000 words) are being sought and hopefully Academic Fellows (plus their researchers/students) will view this as a valuable additional publishing opportunity.  More details (including authors guidelines) here...

  1. Consulting Readiness Index

The Consulting Readiness Index will be piloted in Austria, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Palestine,  UAE, UK.  Data research underway with these six.

  1. Publishers

Thanks to those who suggested publishers (see January update).  All suggestions now in the hand of the ICMCI executive.

  1. Asia – Pacific ICMCI Hub, call for papers (11 March deadline) 

Please send your papers to  with the following subject line: paper for Asia-Pacific Hub 2018. 

  1. Articles sought - CMC Today

The theme of the next (Mar/April) 'CMC Today' is o governance and boards. 
 A CMC Today article should contain contemporary thinking, focus on the application of ideas, and offer suggestions leading to better management practice.  The spec for an article is a) 500-1,500 words, b) practical orientation - i.e outline the issue and the main challenges and move into the practical application/implications of what you have found or observed, c) if the article is a summary of a bigger area of study that you've been involved with, you can make that link in the article and promote your wider work.