A sense of urgency goes hand in hand with a sense of responsibility

My reflections as the Chairperson of the Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organisations (BAMCO).

Over the past few years, time seems to be speeding up and we are often unable to take in what is happening around us. Now suddenly, we find ourselves in a totally new reality. 
In this context, the 30 days since the Government announced a state of emergency and measures to deal with the pandemic crisis are a reasonable period in which to review what we are doing at BAMCO to support Association members and the business community as a whole. Of course, as well as caring for the health of our families, our thoughts are with everyone on the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19.  

In the very beginning, in line with official instructions, we postponed all events and transferred operations to remote work. We are pleased to be able to admit new members and continue the certification and re-certification procedures for the CMC qualification. Thanks to our cooperation with the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI, CMC Global) we are also providing uninterrupted possibilities for continuing professional development.

Aware of the importance of close communication during crisis, we are organising regular online meetings with members. Participants openly share their experience of working with clients, observations of the market situation and emerging trends in the consulting business. We also discuss opportunities and new initiatives. 

In fact, individual differences in our professional expertise and mindset contribute to a more active consulting community where, a sense of urgency goes hand in hand with a sense of responsibility.

Most consultants have announced that they are adapting their services and developing new products in order to be able to assist clients in their efforts to survive and overcome the consequences of the crisis.

For its part, BAMCO has created a special webpage COVID-19: Useful Information and Resources, which gathers best practices in crisis management from global leaders and professional organisations, as well as developments in the business framework in Bulgaria and direct news from institutions.

Furthermore, we have committed in the following weeks to present the viewpoints, practical advice and solutions of experts in different areas, BAMCO members and partners. Sharing knowledge is at the heart of consulting and we strive to be objective and bring value to all stakeholders.

A snapshot of the current state of consulting in Bulgaria shows great differences. Consultants providing services to small and medium-sized enterprises are among the most vulnerable, as clients terminate contracts, especially regarding services related to human resources and training. Serious difficulties also arise in the implementation of projects where people need to be on site at the client’s. Multidisciplinary consulting firms and those operating in the area of information technologies are managing to adapt quickly. On one hand, they are often engaged in long-term and strategic projects, while on the other they can do their work digitally as a result of the investments made in high-tech systems and processes.

Of course, no one is immune to the effects and consequences of the present turbulence. We do not know how long it will continue, what economic losses it will bring or how quick the recovery will be.

Encouraged by people’s ability to come together and work in difficult situations, we will continue our joint efforts to adapt to the new normal, despite it may be an off-road drive at times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Managing Board and Committees and everyone at BAMCO for their efforts and energy.