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ICMCI is the only worldwide organisation which represents the Management Consulting Professional Bodies. It is a non-profit umbrella organisation of 50 National professional bodies which together represent the nations with over 85% of the world's estimated two million management consultants.
ICMCI Board Update  
With the outbreak of corona virus recently, the world economy is in a downturn, bringing a negative outlook in many industries. It is more important than ever that IMCs work with consultants to discover the new potential markets that come with the pressure of economic hardships. ICMCI will continue to support the consulting profession and will work closely with IMCs around the world to ensure that best practices are identified and communicated to each and every one of the professionals who are members of IMCs.  
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  The Chair Update
March 2020
  Dear Colleagues,
These are turbulent times. On behalf of the Board of ICMCI, I am writing to wish you well as you and your members deal with the uncertainty of the global spread of COVID-19. On March 11, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic. This step is rarely taken, and never has a corona virus been the cause of a pandemic.

For your reference, this is a link to the opening remarks of the Director General of the UN at the press conference announcing this declaration. They are a simple and helpful source of good information.

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Feature Articles and IMC’s Update
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On the Integrated Solution to Rapidly Improve Traditional Medical Service Capability   Toward disruption of consultancy
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Organization Structure Design of Maternal and Child Hospital Under the Big-health ...   Romanian Management Consultancy Market
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IMC Update: Japan(AFMO)Launched
“AFMO Management Award
  The Future of Management Consulting
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Pillars and Basic Concepts of a Managerial Intervention Framework and its Consultancy   Consultants Forum
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IMC Update Association of Management Consultants of Serbia (UPKS), UKPS event- Chamber of Commerce, Serbia   The power of cultural influence on managerial behavior in organizations
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Managerial consulting as a determining factor in the implementation of investment projects   The Coronavirus: Some Possible Implications For The Goods Retail Trade by Philip Baker
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The $50+ Billion Consulting Industry Supporting Healthcare That You May Not Know About   Enthusiastic Versus Experienced: What To Look For In A Remote Work Consultant   Covid-19 is likely to have a  significant, but hopefully short-term, impact on the ...   Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that's the real global emergency
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QAC Update
Quality Assurance Committee: For an evolving CMC-Global
QAC is an evolving arm of the Governance of ICMCI, leading to a worldwide elevation of our Profession and the CMC designation. The standards, by which the CMC mark of excellence is granted to Consultants worldwide by member institutes, have not changed fundamentally over time.  However, our own internal processes and assessments have been continuously refined towards the much more sophisticated, well-documented system that we currently operate.  This allows QAC Committee members and Assessors to work “with” members to ensure that the ICMCI global standards of excellence and the principle of equivalence are developed over time.
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