Annual Meeting

ICMCI will be hosting its 36th Annual Meeting of Delegates on the 11th and 12th of October, 2023.

The Annual Meeting and General Assembly serves as a platform to exchange insights gained over the past year, discuss industry trends, and plan for the future of our international communities – fostering valuable connections, forging new partnerships, and strengthening existing relationships along the way.

We will be conducting a comprehensive coverage of the highlights of this last year, from the Board report to the Treasurer’s report, Auditor’s report, Proposed budget, and the Committees & Taskforces reports.

The final Annual Meeting Agenda and Annual Report will be provided in accordance with ICMCI by-laws and as announced to all Delegates. 

Annual Report: TBA once finalized

Annual Meeting Agenda

With a rich history spanning more than 35 years, our annual meetings have become a hallmark of our organization's legacy and expertise. Through them, we have gained a deeper understanding of our collective accomplishments, challenges, and strategies. Join us again this year to share our success stories and explore innovative approaches to navigate the ever-evolving consulting landscape.

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10 Years Strong

The International CMC Conference

The 2023 International CMC Conference is celebrating its momentous 10th edition, and will be held on 12 & 13 October in Amman – Jordan, with a Welcome Reception to be held on 11 October for all delegates and conference participants.

Widely acknowledged as the leading conference in the realm of management consulting, the conference aims to tackle the most relevant and current topics affecting our practice today. 

Since the event’s inception in 2013, the conference has always been an ideal opportunity to network with fellow consultants in a collaborative environment, and learn about best practices and the latest transformations in the way our business is conducted.

Meet the top consultants in each of their relevant fields and specializations to engage in knowledge sharing activities and breakout sessions, and hear from expert speakers on topics covering the changing face of the industry and the future of professional management consulting.

An inclusive event, both industry veterans and those new to the practice of management consulting, including current students of the profession, will have the chance to learn from the best in the business. With speakers from all over the world engaging in friendly discourse and hearty debate, the conference is the perfect platform for professional development of individual Certified Management Consultants, Firms, and Accredited Consulting Practices.

In celebrating our 10th milestone, we will equip attendees with actionable strategies to thrive in today's dynamic consulting environment. As such, this year’s annual meeting and conference will draw focus to a new and emerging theme:

AI-Driven Synergy

Exploring new frontiers in management consulting

With a view to draw attention to the collaborative relationship between man and machine, this year’s conference is themed “AI-Driven Synergy: Exploring new frontiers in management consulting”.

Achieving symbiosis with AI, when we are working effectively with this new tool at our disposal, can both amplify the collective directory of our human intelligence, as well as automate and optimize previously tedious decision-making processes.

In an effort to highlight the potential harmony that can be achieved in our field since AI has been introduced to the world stage, we will be hosting several expert speakers on the matter. Amongst this year’s topics being discussed are the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, as well as several sessions on the practical applications of AI in the world of management consulting and beyond.

Together we will find out how, with AI’s innovation and unique problem-solving skills at our fingertips, we can learn how to harness the absolute potential of machine learning when combined with our own creative intelligence.

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Award & Gala Dinner

The Constantinus International Award and Gala Dinner

The Constantinus Gala Dinner will be held on the 12th of October at 20:00, the dress code is Black Tie - Evening Dress , and will be an unmissable event that will celebrate the continued success of our delegates in yet another exciting award ceremony, promoting excellence in consulting services worldwide.

The Constantinus International Award is our way of paying tribute to those promoting superior innovation in management consulting, and embodying the collaborative client-consultant partnership of our discipline. 

Acknowledging three delegates with two distinct tiers of excellence, the award will encompass one gold and two silver winners in a true celebration of brilliance in business.

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Since 1998, Sparx Systems has been developing the Sparx Product Suite, currently consisting of Enterprise Architect, Prolaborate, and Pro Cloud Server.

SparxSystems Central Europe (CE) was founded in 2003 to provide the best service around Enterprise Architect to the numerous customers in their language and time zone. The company supports the German-Speaking and Central European region with licence acquisition as well as training and consulting.

to know more about our SparxSystems Central Europe (CE), please visit


Jordan Commercial Bank was originally established in 1977 under the name Jordan-Gulf Bank (JGB).

In 2004 JGB went through a major restructuring effort that touched all aspects of its operations administratively and financially and its name was changed to Jordan Commercial Bank. The bank currently conducts its business via 36 branches in Jordan.

Jordan Commercial Bank offers its corporate, retail, and investment clients with customized high quality competitively priced financial solutions. Through both its' ever-increasing and regularly enhanced range of cutting-edge banking solutions and its' efficient distribution channel, The Bank is committed to delivering tailored world-class products and services that reward its' stakeholders, customers, and its personnel. 

Since re-launching in 2004, Jordan Commercial Bank is keen to have an effective social role and contributes to several CSR initiatives. It constantly provides cash and in-kind support to various activities in different fields. The Bank also sponsors many conferences, seminars and economic, cultural, social and sports events in cooperation with many educational and social institutions. 

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Introduction to “Memoirs of a Management Consultant” (October 2022) by Frank Guazzoni

This book is Franco’s written legacy. It is a personal and inspiring story depicting the life of a man with passion for his work and expansive family. Franco shares his journey through the largest global companies and fast-growing start-ups as a management consultant. Franco’s brand of consulting has tackled the most complex projects and delivered successful engagements at iconic firms such as Gruppo FIAT, ENI, Bayer and Gruppo Pirelli, just to name a few. 

About the Author: 

Franco Guazzoni (Milan, 1941), graduated in Economics and Commerce from the Bocconi University, worked at the Philadelphia National Bank, in the USA, then at Olivetti General Electric and Cegos Italia; in 1974 he was among the founders of the consulting company MIDA; in 1993 he joined Ernst & Young Consultants as a Partner, then became vice president of Capgemini E&Y. Since 2003 he has been a partner of Coreconsulting, where he has worked as a consultant and coach for human resources.

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The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j), founded in 2000, is a membership-based ICT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) industry advocacy, support and networking association.

int@j serves as the collective voice of the industry, advocating on behalf of its stakeholders and seeks to maximize the contribution of the ICT sector towards the national economy. int@j aim to provide the ICT sector in Jordan with the tools required to ensure continued growth and expansion.

Providing the highest value to ICT Sector, int@j works in the following areas:

  • Business Enabling Environment
  • Digital Economy
  • Human Capital
  • Access to Market
  • Access to Information
  • Start-ups

Please visit for more information. You may also visit to learn more about the legacy of int@j throughout the past 20 years.