Nominations and Succession Planning Committee (NSPC)
The Nominations and Succession Planning Committee (NSPC) is a standing committee of ICMCI whose prime purpose is to identify, nominate and conduct the biannual election for the Officers and Board of ICMCI.  In order to be able to fulfil this role the committee must actively engage in succession planning for ICMCI.

Member Country Role
Sorin Caian Romania Chair
Dwight Mihalicz Canada Member
Lydia Goh Singapore Member
Randy Baldwin Canada Member
Gerd Prechtl Austria Member
Reema Nasser Jordan Ex-Officio
  • The Chair Update May 2020

    May 22, 2020

    Dear Colleagues, At the end of April your Board of Directors met virtually. You can check out the public minutes HERE. I have also done a video overview of this update, which you can check out at the end of this page if you prefer. Your Board, and the Secretariat staff...

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