Joining as an Individual Person
Please have a look at our list of member, country-based Institutes of Management Consulting (IMC’s)

If the country, in which you live and/or work, does not have an IMC, then you should join our network through the CMC-Global Institute. This will allow you to join and also get support for you to become certified as a CMC.

Please fill out the form below, and we will have an appropriate person contact you within 2 work-days of receipt of your request.

Joining as an Individual Firm
If you have a small, mid-sized or large consulting firm, but operate in a country that does not currently have an Institute for Management Consulting, you may join us in one of several ways”

  1. Become an accredited Consulting Practice (ACP) – through CMC Global Institute
  2. Become appraised and join CMC-Global as a CMC-Firm (see separate section)
  3. Become a Corporate Sustaining Member/Sponsor of CMC-Global (see separate section)

Please fill-out the form below, and we will have an appropriate person contact you within 2 work-days.

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