International Management Consulting Day is June 1, 2017

The first Thursday in June marks the day we celebrate international Management Consulting Day. This is an opportunity for ICMCI, IMC’s and CMC’s around the world to remind clients and buyers of consulting services of the beneficial difference of CMC’s versus non-CMC management consultants.

We would like to encourage all IMC’s to pass down the official CMC logo files & the official usage standards guide to their CMC members, to use in their email signatures, on their websites and more.

Please note – The ICMCI Marketing Team is developing an annual CMC Marketing Campaign to advance the recognition and understanding of what our certification means. Unfortunately due to the late appointment of committee members for 2017, the full campaign elements won’t be ready for June 1st. However we are working diligently to have a couple of key elements sent out to you in time to use for June 1st.