IMC Japan(AFMO)Launched “AFMO Management Award”

Since an inauguration of our organization  in 1949, we have been conducting a “thesis contest” every year, expecting to collect a new method or researches for managements and to broaden the  importance of pursuing higher efficiency in each industries. The management consultants are thus expected to be an evangelist of the thesis and a good supporter of higher economic growth.

Starting from 2020, we AFMO is going to renew the contest, renaming “The AFMO Management Award”. In this contest, we accept not only thesis but also success stories of consulting, good examples of customised training courses, etc. We offer them the prizes such as:

AFMO Management Award Grand-Prix
Consultant of the year 20xx
Instructor of the year 20xx
Academic fellow of the year 20xx
Program innovator of the year 20xx

We hope the winners could feel honored of the title, not only individuals but also the firms they work for. 

IMC Japan expects multiple effects by launching the Award:

  1. Attracting possible future individual CMC and/or academic fellows
  2. Regain the support from Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry which used to be rewarded to us but had terminated last year

So far, we are successful in regaining the Ministry’s support by restoring better relationship with them. We then look forward to having favorable effects in the #1 objective.

Reported by Mr. Masunaga of IMC Japan (All Japan Federations of Management Organizations: AFMO)