IMC Australia are excited to announce that our inaugural cohort of CMCs attended our first ISO 20700 Self Declaration Checklist which we conducted in September! Our CMC participants are Tom Sutherland (top left), John Downes (top right), Tony Simmonds (bottom left - also a trained trainer) and Sam Durland (bottom right). Centre left is facilitator and trained trainer, Peter Westlund, and co-facilitator Christine Cox, IMC Executive Officer is centre right, also a trained trainer. Peter, Christine and Tony all attended CMC-Global’s first online ISO 20700 Checklist train-the-trainer program in March of this year. 
IMC Australia delivered this first course in September very effectively via Zoom which enabled our participants who were located across the length and breadth of Australia to attend as they spanned 3 time zones! IMC Australia has 3 further courses scheduled during November and December and, with ICMCI permission, will be able to also offer the training to our IMC colleagues in New Zealand, our close neighbour across the Tasman Sea, until they have their own trainer in place. We are now in the process of scheduling and promoting ISO 20700 Self-Declaration Checklist training for our members and non-members as well as clients and purchasers of management consulting services.