ICMCI Meeting with EBRD SME Finance & Development Group
Sorin Caian, Kim Karme, and Reema Nasser met with Nadia Petkova and Natalia Makova in London on 6 December 2017.

Nadia, Director - Regional Networks of the SME Finance & Development Group who was assigned to this role recently. ICMCI made sure to establish a face to face contact to assure continued cooperation in the support provided to management consultants working with SMEs in the respected countries of operation.

Sorin started the meeting with congratulating Nadia on the new post, expressing our continued support and willingness to cooperate as both entities carry the same goals in supporting consultants and businesses as drivers of social and economic success.

Communication will continue between Reema Nasser and Natalia, Principal of the SME Finance & Development Group to assure full cooperation and collaboration, and investigating on-going opportunities to support our Members.