Dear Fellow Members of ICMCI

Due to the current situation in Lebanon, SMDC, our IMC Lebanon apologized for hosting the events in Beirut this year as announced. It was with sadness that we accepted this, but also the board appreciated the maturity of their decision and their interest for ICMCI to carry successful events.

The coronavirus situation prompted IMC-Armenia to also request postponement or cancellation of the Asia Pacific Hub meeting due to travel restrictions and quarantines, mainly in the AP hub countries.

The board of directors at ICMCI discussed and concluded. The decision at the ICMCI board was to cancel the AP Hub event, while wishing all our AP Hub countries safety and wellbeing, and decided awarding IMC-Armenia, who had proposed for the hosting of our 2020 events and came second, to host the annual events.

The agreement is in place, IMC-Armenia modified their plans, and now IMC-Armenia are excited to announce hosting the international events between 11-15 October 2020.

The events will include the: 

- CMC International Conference
- Constantinus International Award
- ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates

The events will be organized in partnership with the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Armenia affecting the evolvement of consulting sphere of Armenia, exploring local expertise, providing opportunity for foreign consultants to position in Armenian market, and to raise awareness of ICMCI in general at a local, regional, and international levels. 

International guests will have a chance to explore not only Armenian business and consulting spheres, but also enjoy the unique architecture, history, nature, and cuisine of the country.

The CMC International Conference is titled “Digitalization in consultancy and transformation in future” and all events will be held between 11-15 October 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia.

To know more about Armenia, please view the following Visit Armenia video (http://bit.ly/2TWBe5L)