How many economic crises have we already survived since 1988?  Emeritus Professor, former dean at IMD, Lausanne - Jim Ellert proves that the world has experienced 469 country recessions.

469 Recessions! Yet -your business, your career, and your community have survived them all. 

Reinvention and Innovation are not a result of the funding. They are a product of collaboration and vision.

Collaboration during strange times brought the opportunity to bring us closer. Monthly webinars, video calls, digital conferences, video meetings, monthly newsletters, made it much easier to connect often, something that we did at a lesser scale.  

March marks one year since we launched the new design and structure of CMC-Today newsletter.  As editor of 11 editions, I am so proud to announce that we have increased the collaboration with the Institutes of Management Consultants and want to thank all 30 countries who have contributed during 2020/2021. This year we hope to reach out to more IMCs globally. 

A special thank you goes to the fantastic team with Reema Nasser and Khuzaima Zaghlawan. We received dozens of thank you notes. Below are just few of them:

  • Bravo on this quality newsletter! Content, announcements, industry articles, international’s member numbers, and global directory are superb.” G.B.
  • Very big compliments for the newsletters. Looking good and excellent content. A true inspiration for the communication in our IMC.”TH.H
  • I wish to congratulate you on a superb marketing work. The transformation CMC-Today has achieved with the new looks and content is truly world-class.” O.A.
  • Thank you for making CMC- today simple, informative, and interesting to read.” S.R.
  • It’s so good we may try to negotiate as to how you can help us with our newsletter.” J.G.

Chairing the Marketing & Advocacy Committee while being the Editor of the ICMCI newsletter, provided a great opportunity to link marketing activities of the institute with the newsletter. In this way, we were able to better present the vision and related developments of the ICMCI to the readers around the world.  

March also marked women's history month, where women worldwide chose to honor and recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. The International Women Day also marked a call to action. This year’s campaign theme was Choose to Challenge.

Let us choose to challenge the way we lead and bring more diversity into our sector of management consulting. It has been more than eight years since I began to advocate for women's economic empowerment, so I call all women of the ICMCI network to contribute to our newsletter and become the voice for so many who need to be heard. From challenge comes change, so let's all choose to challenge by sharing with us anything that you see relevant and that can help us reach our mutual goals, while also promoting you and your work. Collectively, we can all help forge an inclusive world. 

Let us use the newsletter to the advantage of our members and the promotion of the consulting industry in general.

Many thanks to all for collaborating.
Stay safe and healthy! 

Jehona Lluka – CMC®
Editor of the CMC- Today e-News
ICMCI Board Director

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