Time is moving forward, and the new Board enters full speed into its role defined by the new governance of ICMCI; focusing all its efforts on the development of the management consulting profession and of our organization.

The collaborative approach sessions engaging IMC’s and ICMCI Board members & staff leaders, continued through Winter and Spring, and we realise again the importance of communication with our members, open discussions addressing relevant issues for IMCs and for the global community, identifying synergies and opportunities, avoiding the resource-waste of re-inventing the wheel, and gathering more energy around our common goals.

Very soon our new website will be fully functional, allowing communication in all directions, full transparency in the activity of ICMCI and an excellent platform for sharing and acting. We, as Board, are confident that the new website will improve internal communication as well as increase visibility and awareness to the world’s economic and social community.

Working out the improvement of our international professional body, especially given the complexity of ICMCI; will not easily show massive change within a short period of time. However, we have learned that constant and coherent efforts, well maintained direction and a strong will, will bring success without any doubt. As mentioned previously, the Board met in February in Vienna to revisit the strategic plan and the vision of ICMCI.  We concluded that the objectives and the vision are quasi-similar to before, while the changes of the business environment as well the development of our members are affecting the way we go about achieving and implementing them.  Now we are working on all fronts, taking actions to address the needs.

All the recently developed products/services are now in various stages of implementation:

  • new Academic Fellows were appointed and this cadre is growing,
  • the CMC-Firm Programme is ready to fly,
  • the International Constantinus Award is in its final stages of registration of the participating IMCs, and,
  • the 2016 Annual CMC Conference (this year in Toronto), is on full-speed with its preparation.

The work on ISO 20700 (standards of practice for Management Consulting), has entered into its final stage. Together with our IMCs, we want to make sure that the format which will be finally adopted in the last quarter of 2016 in Beijing, will be one that we can be proud of – serving the profession and offering a chance for ICMCI/ CMC-Global to show its valuable contribution to the development of the management consulting profession. This is also consistent with our vision: To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

The Board members have been involved in many other activities and actions but I want to highlight in particular, the organizing of the Asia Pacific Hub set for Beijing, on 23rd-24th of June; and the European Hub scheduled in Bonn, on 15th-16th of July. I hope that we will have the chance to meet as many of you as possible during these events, in our joint efforts to advance our management consulting profession!

It is a good tradition to celebrate the International Consultant’s Day at the beginning of June, please view here the International Consultant's Day message of the ICMCI Chair, Sorin Caian.