The CMC logo is the registered trademark of the institute of management consultants in Canada, CMC-Canada. The Canadian institute licenses the use of the logo under strict usage standards to its provincial institutes, and has also granted the International Council of Management Consultants (ICMCI) permission to sub-license the CMC logo to other national institutes that are members of the ICMCI.

Who may use the CMC logo
Under the ICMCI’s agreement with CMC-Canada, any national member institute of the ICMCI that has a certification program approved by the ICMCI may use the CMC logo in accordance with the standards. Institutes that do not yet have a certification program approved by the ICMCI may not use the CMC logo.

Where the CMC logo may be used
The CMC logo may be used on institute stationery, envelopes, CMC and FCMC certificates, promotional materials, directories, pamphlets and business cards. It may be used as a separate element or in a configuration of two or three logo lines of type identifying the institute (a logotype), which together constitute a "corporate signature." It should not be used on any materials that have no relevance to the certification of management consultants or where usage would imply wrongly that an individual is a CMC. The CMC logo may also be used in gold lapel pins to be worn by certified management consultants, but not on gifts presented to non-CMCs.

Final Authority
The ICMCI retains final authority in the use of the CMC logo by its member institutes, subject only to its agreement with CMC-Canada, and reserves the right to revoke or suspend the sub-license to use the CMC logo. Member institutes are requested to provide the ICMCI with copies of their national standards of usage and samples thereof.

Mail the ICMCI Secretariat to obtain the CMC logo for official use.