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Institute Name: CMC Denmark 

Date of Foundation: 1982 

Date of ICMCI Membership: 1982

Type of Membership: Full Member

Vision: The Danish CMC Institute is the forum where consultants meet to stimulate their competencies with the purpose to increase the professionalism and ethical standards of the consulting industry.

Mission: The Institute's mission is to conduct the certification of consultants in Denmark , to raise awareness of certification and to support members' professionalism and commercial development.

Main Goals:

  • To be the Danish organization within ICMCI and act as the national authority in Denmark for CMC certification in accordance with ICMCI requirement.
  • To establish and enforce general rules for high ethical standards and professional behaviour of each member.
  • To assist members' professional personal and business development.
  • To maintain contact with similar associations and institutions abroad.
  • To participate in the framing and content setting of the official set of rules regarding consultants' qualifications and certification of consultants.


Tel: +45 2325 0509 


Visiting Address: Egevej 14, 3400 Hillerød, Denmark 

Head Staff Person: Poul Gøbel, Chairman

Secretariat or Key Staff Name: Poul Gøbel, Secretary

Chair: Poul Gøbel 


  • Steen Vierø Petersen
  • Poul Gøbel
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    November 27, 2018

    CONSTANTINUS INTERNATIONAL AWARD – Canada wins three times  This year the international CONSTANTINUS Award ceremony was hosted in Milan, Italy, where, for the eighth time, worldwide exemplary projects were honored.  Milan/Italy – The world’s best...

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