With the outbreak of corona virus recently, the world economy is in a downturn, bringing a negative outlook in many industries. It is more important than ever that IMCs work with consultants to discover the new potential markets that come with the pressure of economic hardships. ICMCI will continue to support the consulting profession and will work closely with IMCs around the world to ensure that best practices are identified and communicated to each and every one of the professionals who are members of IMCs. 

In this environment the ICMCI Board members met in Vienna in early February, where they jointly agreed on implementation plans for the ten strategic initiatives approved at the Annual Meeting. 
The Board is working hard to ensure that the management consulting profession is strengthened.

ICMCI 2020 Strategic Initiatives

Goal 1 – The Profession

Building the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally, to ensure that Certified Management Consultants serve their clients with world-class competency and professionalism

  1. Marketing and publicizing ICMCI and its global brands
  2. Marketing and publicizing ICMCI and its Global Directories
  3. Organizing and promoting the ICMCI Annual CMC Conference on global management consultancy issues
  4. Investigate tools and methods for creating a proper management consulting platform that can further enhance the affiliation of management consultants, and perhaps other types of consultants, with IMC's and ICMCI
  5. Devising and promoting a Code of Ethics for those working directly with ICMCI and its Committees and other bodies

Goal 2 – The Network

  1. Supporting, enhancing and growing the international network of management consulting institutes, as well as encouraging information sharing, networking and reciprocity between institutes
  2. Developing smaller “round table” discussion Focus Groups to obtain feedback on products and services
  3. Building the outreach between CMC-Global and IMCs through continuing and improving the collaborative approach
  4. Acting as the voice of the profession to provide key messages to international stakeholders such as the United Nations/CoNGO, European Commission, Development Banks, etc.

Goal 3 – Outreach

  1. Enabling IMCs to enhance the visibility, recognition, and desirability of Certification as international benchmarks:
  2. Creating tools to support IMCs in their advocacy activities (leveraging the outcomes of the work in strategic goal one (products))
  3. Administering programmes and services on behalf of IMCs to increase their revenue without impacting their admin burden