The Accredited Management Consulting Course (AMCC) designation is granted by CMC-Global to a higher education institution or commercial training provider in recognition of a course offering that meets CMC-Global’s standards for excellence, and covers content compatible with the CMC Professional Body of Knowledge and ongoing enhancement of professional practice.

A number of member IMCs already have accreditation programs for training providers or courses; however, the AMCC designation offers the educational provider opportunity to extend this course recognition internationally.

Getting your Course Approved for the AMCC Designation
The approval process is simple:

  1. The course provider applies to their country Institute for Management Consulting
  2. The IMC can then assess Providers and award AMCC to those courses that meet the requirements.

Note that AMCC is awarded to specific courses – not to a training provider or the students who attend a course. Thus a separate application will be required for each course seeing AMCC designation.

Standards for Assessment
Standards for achieving the AMCC designation are derived from a combination of the CMC-Global Competency Framework, ISO 17011 and ISO 17024. National IMCs will ensure that the Accredited Providers delivering an AMCC maintain these standards.

CMC-Global will embed reviews of the monitoring of these standards as part of the triennial IMC assessment. Thus, only full members of CMC-Global will be able to offer the AMCC designation.

Accredited Providers who are successful in achieving the AMCC will be added to a global AMCC register maintained by CMC-Global and will be entitled to use the AMCC logo in their promotional materials for the specified course(s).

National IMCs may wish to develop unique partnering arrangements with approved AMCCs to develop education and training programmes that mutually promote the achievement of the CMC competencies as well as the CMC designation. Educational providers who do not have a country member IMC, can approach the CMC Global Institute for this designation appraisal.

AMCC Program Benefits
The main benefits of the AMCC program include:

  1. To Accredited Providers, to increase the attractiveness of their courses through their international recognition.
  2. To participants in these courses, knowing that these courses are internationally accredited.
  3. To IMCs with existing training accreditation schemes, to enhance the attractiveness of their schemes. These IMCs would need to show that their own schemes met the requirements of the AMCC scheme.
  4. To IMCs without an existing scheme, offering them a model scheme that they can adopt which meets the CMC-Global requirements. (Of course, some IMCs with existing programmes may also wish to offer the AMCC as an additional programme rather than adapting their own to comply with the CMC-Global requirements).

CMC-Global offers Accredited Providers:

  • Permission to use the CMC-Global AMCC logo in relation to the specified endorsed course
  • Listing on the CMC-Global website
  • Inclusion in the circulation of CMC-Global documents
  • Invitations to appropriate CMC-Global events
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas with other AMCC providers
  • Scope to share and resource work on an international basis

Schedule of Fees
Providers of educational courses seeking AMCC designation should approach their country IMC for information regarding specific fees for their jurisdiction.

IMCs are free to decide what to charge Accredited Providers, but there are fees that are due to the ICMCI as follows:
IMC assessment fee
IMCs should pay a fee to the CMC-Global for the assessment of their AMCC scheme to see that it complies with the CMC-Global requirements. This fee is payable on each assessment which will be done every three years. The fee charged by the CMC-Global will be €250. No visits will be required to conduct the assessment; it will be based on an examination of documentation.

Provider fee
The fee charged by CMC-Global to an IMC for each Accredited Provider will be €250 when they are first accredited by the CMC-Global and €150 per year thereafter.

Course accreditation fee
The fee payable for course accreditation will be €100 per course when it is first accredited and €50 per course for each annual renewal thereafter.

AMCC Designation Documentation
The AMCC program was developed in 2013 and piloted with four IMCs. The documentation has since been amended to take account of their feedback and is as shown below.

  1. Guidance notes: IMCs offering AMCC
  2. Application form: IMCs offering AMCC
  3. Guidance notes: Accredited Providers offering AMCC
  4. Application form: Accredited Providers offering AMCC (Includes the IMC assessment documentation)
  5. IMC notification to ICMCI Part I / Part II
  6. AMCC renewal process

Document 1 explains the programme and the function of the other documents


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