AI and Ethics in the ISO/TC 342
In this session, Mr. Yao will give a brief overview of the ISO/TC 342 and will address concerns from an AI perspective related to the code of ethical and professional conduct. 

Digital transformation in business means more complex and severe challenges faced daily, leading to an acute need for standardization. Conversely, in the face of uncertainty and constant change, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach a consensus on developing and setting standards.

Because of AI’s ability to replace basic, repetitive, and highly standardized tasks, Jack will cover how AI can transform the management consulting industry, and increase market demand for independent consultants in the areas of data analytics and digital technology.

It is therefore of vital importance to prepare for this inevitable future with a strategic response plan. Through the promotion and maintenance of ISO 20700:2017, we will consider the impact and changes of AI on the Management Consulting Services processes, the innovation of MCS’s tools and methods, and Management Consulting Service Providers capability for sustainability.